Accessibility Statement

Accessibility statement for Nordea Corporate service in Finland

As part of a Finnish domestic law implementing an EU directive related to the provision of digital services, Finnish financial institutions are required to improve the accessibility, quality and information security of the digital services they provide.
Nordea is committed to meeting all of the requirements for enhancing accessibility across each of our digital channels as soon as possible. We have already made numerous changes to improve accessibility and we will complete any outstanding updates in 2021. We are continuing to assess every single page, document and other media hosted on our digital platforms. These are being updated as soon as we get to them to ensure you receive the best possible digital experience.
This is taking some time due to the complexity and size of the task and we apologise in advance if you have experienced any difficulties with accessing our channels.
We are always very happy to hear from you so please get in touch if you have any suggestions to where we can improve our service. You can get in touch using this form.

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Accessibility status of the digital service

The below accessibility statement applies to the Nordea Corporate service in Finland. This accessibility statement is updated on 30.11.2020. The accessibility of the service has been assessed by Nordea itself.
Nordea Open Insights in Finland meets the accessibility requirements partially. The target is to have the identified gaps fixed during 2021, unless otherwise stated below.
Inaccessible content of the digital service
The service is not yet fully compliant in the following identified areas.


1.1.1 Non-text content (A), provide text alternatives for non-text content:
The alternative texts are not fully functioning in all cases.

1.2.1 Audio-only and Video-only (Pre-recorded) (A)
There may not be an alternative provided (e.g. transcript) for audio-only or video-only content.

1.2.2 Captions (Pre-recorded) (A)
There could be instances of audio-only or video-only content where captions are not provided.

1.2.3 Audio Description or Media Alternative (Pre-recorded) (A)
There may be no second alternative provided for video with audio content.

1.2.4 Captions (Live)
Live webinar are not live captioned

1.2.5 Audio Description (Pre-recorded) (AA)
Users may not have access to audio description for all video content.

1.3.1 Info and relationships (A), logical structure:
Web page tags may contain errors and hence not provide a logical structure to the page.

1.3.2 Meaningful sequence (A), present content in a meaningful order:
Web page tags may contain errors and hence not present the content in a meaningful order.

1.3.3 Sensory Characteristics (A)
Instructions provided for understanding and operating content may in some case rely solely on sensory characteristics of components such as shape, color, size, visual location, orientation, or sound.

1.4.1 Use of Colour (A)
Color may be used as the only visual means of conveying information.

1.4.3 Contrast (Minimum) (AA)
Contrast ratio between text and background may not be at least 4.5:1

1.4.11 Non-Text Contrast (AA)
Color contrast of at least 3:1 may not be extended to non-text content such as infographics & diagrams.


2.1.1 Keyboard (A)
The page may not be accessible by keyboard only.

2.4.4 Link Purpose (In Context) (A)
It may occur that not every link’s purpose is clear from its context.

2.5.3 Label in Name (A), text in buttons or label should be readable by assistant technologies and can be used with Text-to-speech:
It is outstanding what is missing on links and headers to enable all pages to be readable by narrator.


3.2.1. On Focus (A) Elements do not change when they receive focus
Some elements may change context on focus.

3.3.3. Error suggestion (AA)
Some instructions in error messages may not be self-explanatory.

Accessibility feedback

Did you find accessibility difficulties in our digital services? If you did not find an answer in our accessibility statement regarding the service, please send us feedback.
Give feedback on accessibility

Supervisory authority

If you notice accessibility issues with the site, first provide feedback to us, the site administrator. The response can take 14 days. If you are not satisfied with the answer you have received or do not receive a reply at all within two weeks, you can report it to the Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland. The website of the Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland explains in detail how the notification can be made and how the matter is handled.

Contact details of the supervisory authority

Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland
Accessibility Control Unit
telephone number exchange 0295 016 000

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