201214 DinBil Charlotta Marcus
201214 DinBil Charlotta Marcus

Din Bil takes Nordea Connect for a drive

Din Bil is the largest car dealership in Sweden. Due to corona social distancing, the company introduced a car collect, repair and return service to reduce the need for their customers to drop off vehicles themselves. Nordea Connect provided an easy way for customers to pay online for the new service. Charlotta Andersson, Senior Cash Management Adviser at Nordea, met Marcus Sundberg, Head of Group Accounting at Din Bil Sverige AB, to hear more about the collaboration.

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A new service and way to pay

201214 DinBil PorscheRepair 600 400Owned by Volkswagen’s Porsche Holding Salzburg, Din Bil (translated as ‘Your Car’ in English) is one of the largest car dealerships in the Nordics, repairing and selling Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Skoda and SEAT vehicles at locations spread across Sweden.

Traditionally, Din Bil customers taking their cars for a maintenance check-up would drop them off at the nearest service centre, returning to collect them at a later date once repairs have been completed. When collecting the car, customers would pay for repairs with their debit or credit cards.

With coronavirus social distancing causing a sudden restriction in people’s movements, Din Bil rapidly adjusted their operating model to makes sure they could still offer a full service to their customers, introducing the collect and deliver car maintenance service.

Nordea was asked to quickly put together a solution that would enable the Din Bil sales team to accept payments at a distance when dropping off the cars. Nordea’s new PSP (Payment Service Provider) solution Nordea Connect proved to be an ideal option as it removed the need for carrying around large bulky card terminals and was very convenient as it could accept mobile payments via cards, Apple pay or Swish.

A strong relationship

201214 DinBil Marcus 600 400Marcus Sundberg, Head of Group Accounting at Din Bil Sverige AB, says: “When
the customer couldn’t come to us, we needed to come to them. We needed an online payment solution and that’s when Nordea Connect came into the picture. From the first call I would say that we were online within three weeks.”

Charlotta Andersson, Senior Cash Management Adviser at Nordea, adds: “So basically this is a service where you come to your customer’s house. You pick up the car, take it away for maintenance or service and then you take it back to the customer. So that’s a great service, I would say.”

Nordea’s relationship with the Volkswagen Group and its subsidiaries in the Nordics stretches back a number of years. This relationship provided a good basis for finding a quick and efficient solution to meet Din Bil’s needs.

201214 DinBil ExteriorGarage 600 400Marcus says: “One thing that has been key for us is that Nordea has been very interested in our business and they are looking into what the developments are within the automotive industry. Also that they understand that we are within retail and not producing or selling cars. We will move ahead with Nordea Connect and I see that Din Bil will be driving the development of Nordea Connect in the future.”

Read the full story of the collaboration between Din Bil and Nordea Connect here.

For more information about Nordea Connect check out nordeaconnect.com. Read more about Din Bil (in Swedish) here.

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