Nordea, Female Invest raise stakes on gender gap battle
Nordea, Female Invest raise stakes on gender gap battle

Female Invest & Nordea raise stakes on gender gap

Nordea’s partnership with Female Invest is developing apace and strengthening the message we need more women in finance.

It’s not exactly news to state that women are under-represented in finance. But recognising that fact as a given and actually doing something about it in a meaningful way are two very different things.

It’s why Nordea and Female Invest are proving to be such natural partners in their ongoing series of seminars and training programmes aimed at getting more women involved in finance.

Last month’s seminar at Nordea’s Copenhagen headquarters built on the success of the inaugural February seminar to take another rapt audience through the basics of investing and stock picking.

Investing the female way

Led by Female Invest’s Anna-Sophie Hartvigsen and Anne Sophie Riis, senior sales manager in Nordea, the discussion revolved around how to get started in the world of markets with Riis focusing on real-life scenarios as an illustration of the type of situations that could face the first-time investor.

“It is difficult to access knowledge of how to begin investing and that it takes confidence,” said attendee Carriene Rendbo. “But now it sounds easy – after listening to the speakers.”

Rendbo, who attended both events, added that she wants to be the first in her family to invest in markets and it was a similar message from Pakistan-native Erum Awan who had previously dabbled in her homeland, but said she needed a “better understanding of the Danish system and regulations” and this is exactly what the event had given her.

According to Female Invest, three out of four women believe they don’t have the knowledge to stock pick leading to an investor ratio heavily skewed towards men. But, with Nordea providing a crucial platform for the 2.5-year old organisation to pursue its mission with real zeal, there is real hope that the imbalance can begin to narrow.

“We are very excited to team up with Female Invest for a discussion on investing, and how we can make our industry more accessible and attractive to women,” said head of Nordea Research Thomas Winther Sørensen.

Meanwhile, head of graduate markets sales and trading Anne-Mette Habæk Bright said the event had already sparked a rise in the quality of applicants, after she used the event to engage with participants.

“Nordea wants to be an attractive workplace for both men and women and we want to increase gender diversity,” she said. “We have an ambition that no gender should be less than 40% in graduate intake.”

Carriene Rendbo: “Investing…takes confidence.” Source: Nordea

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