Grow your e-commerce: Here are the competencies you need

Every digital store wants to increase traffic and conversions. Learn which digital competencies you need to optimize your digital game. Digital marketing expert Sara Öhman helps us navigate the field.

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In today’s digitalized business climate, e-commerce has never been more important. To further develop your e-commerce, you might ask yourself:

  • How do you market yourself digitally to drive conversions?
  • Which social networks generate your website’s highest visitor rate?
  • What digital competencies does your team need to acquire to reach your business targets?

Digital marketing expert Sara Öhman helps answer these questions and more as a guest on Nordea’s Nordic business podcast Get Savvy. Sara has more than 10 years of experience in data-driven marketing communication for brands such as Asics, Hästens and Electrolux. She is also a lecturer at Berghs School of Communication and Hyper Island, where she teaches Growth Marketing.

Today, customers normally engage with several communication channels before conducting an online purchase, such as; website, newsletter and multiple social media accounts. One of the biggest challenges companies encounter when using digital media to promote their brand and increase their sales volumes is to keep their communication channels updated and interlinked, according to Sara. Open and smooth communication streams can help ensure a seamless customer journey.

Competencies you need to grow your e-commerce

Sara Öhman recommends having the following competencies to reach your business targets.

1. The digital planner

Ensure that you have one or more individuals on your team that possess the skills to develop and maintain your company’s long-term strategy and tactics. With sales and communication channels constantly evolving with new technology, it’s important to have a person responsible for setting the marketing agenda. That person needs good systematic thinking and knowledge about your customers’ preferred platforms.


2. The creative genius

Make sure that you own the way your company is presented, both in visual and textual terms. Your target audience is bombarded with thousands of communication messages every day. So, think about what makes your e-commerce stand out from the crowd. What type of messages spark your customers’ interest and willingness to engage with your offering? This is where your team member, the innovative genius, comes into play. Ensure you have team members who are able to keep your marketing and sales channels alive and updated with engaging communication. 


3. The tech-savvy 

Remember, with the help of digital media, your shop never closes. Ensure that your website is always up and running. That means having close access to technicians managing the platform and keeping it up to date.  

Basic technical skills are sometimes overlooked and taken for granted. Ask yourself:

  • Do you know how your website structured?
  • What is an API?
  • What is a script?
  • How do you set up a tag on your site?

If you cannot answer these questions, it’s probably a good idea to find a tech guru or learn it yourself.


4. The data master

Knowledge is power when it comes to growing e-commerce. The more knowledge and insight you have about your current and prospective customers, the better you can serve and fulfill their needs. An individual able to transform data from all your active external channels into customer insights is worth his/her weight in gold!

Don’t forget, reaching your business target is a group effort. While it helps to have someone project managing all ongoing activities, the project manager does not need to be the operations manager. Rather, it could be someone with a stronger technological or statistical background, Sara notes.


For more inspiration from Sara Öhman on how to jump start your e-commerce, listen in to the podcast episode below. You can find more of Nordea’s podcasts here.

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