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Introducing “Get Savvy”, a podcast for the business minded

Introducing “Get Savvy”, a podcast for the business minded

“Get Savvy” is Nordea's new podcast, where veteran business leaders share their hands-on tips for taking your business to the next level. This week, we kick off where it all begins: the business idea. Serial entrepreneur and Nordic start-up legend Saeid Esmaeilzadeh explains why it’s all about going after the hidden problem, not the business idea itself.
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“Get Savvy” is Nordea’s new podcast for entrepreneurs, where we focus on one weekly growth related topic. We want our listeners to get business savvy and streetsmart by learning from the masters in entrepreneurship. Thereof, experts within entrepreneurship, e-commerce, technology and social impact are invited to the podcast to share their stories and learnings.


The podcast episodes will be published every Wednesday, which you can find on you preferred podcast App, such as Spotify, iTunes and Acast.

Welcome to our inaugural episode of Get Savvy, Nordea’s new podcast where we focus on a different growth-related topic each week, tapping the brains of veteran business leaders for critical know-how and helpful tips.

This week, we tackle the question of how to uncover a new business idea, how to evaluate it and when to bring it to market. We are in good company with Saeid Esmaeilzadeh, a serial entrepreneur who has established and managed a range of companies in various industries, including the Serendipity Group and Spartacus Capital. He shares his key steps for coming up with and evaluating a business idea.

Go for the hidden problem, not the business idea.

The obvious problems that plague people have usually already drawn a lot of attention and problem-solving efforts. Instead try to find a hidden problem. That carries the potential for developing a solution with less competition as well as an existing market demand. By concentrating on the problem rather than the business idea, you can focus more on implementation rather than having to be creative.

Find the root cause of the problem.

To find the hidden or unique problems, you need to investigate their root cause. By stopping at the surface, you will only see what other people are seeing as well. Instead, interact with customers and organisations to understand the problem’s underlying cause. That will bring you one step closer to the solution.

Let the world kill your idea, not you.

By taking the initiative and executing your business idea, you are a winner. If you do not test your idea, you cannot evaluate or improve it. Therefore, launch your offer and let the world give you feedback. That is the only way your idea can fully grow.

You cannot do everything yourself.

Limit your own time, and realize that you cannot do everything yourself. Instead, partner up with individuals or organisations that share your vision, and build your team.

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