Framing For Hope
Framing For Hope

Payments in the picture

During this year’s EBAday in Stockholm, Hannah Wallace from Finextra caught up with Tino Kam, Sarah Häger and Gunilla Garpås from Nordea to discuss the latest hot topics in transaction banking. You can see the videos in full here.

Project 27 – creating Nordic cross border payment area

Tino Kam, Head of TxB Solutions at Nordea, discusses the drivers behind the P27 project, how it will change the payments space and how Nordea is developing solutions that will operate in this new instant cross-border future.

Why the Swedes have embraced mobile payments so quickly

Gunilla Garpås, Swish Product Portfolio Manager at Nordea explains why the Swedes have embraced mobile payments so quickly, how Swish is now being offered in corporate settings and what the development of mobile payments means for cash and society in general in the future.