The disturbing truth: Glacier in Greenland is melting away

The 6 miles wide Jakobshavn glacier in western Greenland is loosing ice mass faster than ever. The huge amounts of water from the melting glacier will affect billions of people worldwide.

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The 7,5 kilometre wide Jakobshavn glacier in West Greenland is one of the world’s fastest melting glaciers notoriously known for its tremendous amount of ice loss each year. In 2015, the glacier lost a chunk of ice the size of Manhattan.

Sasja Beslik, Head of Sustainable Finance, has travelled to Greenland to get a first-hand impression of the development.

– When all of this has melted away, and it will melt away, it will raise the sea levels. And the sea level raise will impact billions of people around the world. Maybe we cannot stop it anymore, but we can try to slow it down and buy ourselves time to adjust, he says.

Watch the scenic and eye-opening mini-film above.

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