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Coronavirus: Plan B

A look at the COVID-19 pandemic, corporates and the economy going into the autumn and 2021.

Coronavirus: Plan B 55 min

Could the pandemic be resolved by a vaccine or therapy next year, or will we need to live with COVID-19 for longer, and accept that it continues to burden the economy? How bad was Q2 for corporates, and what has happened to expectations for 2021? Are corporates equipped to face a more challenging 2021 and 2022 if consensus forecasts are too optimistic, and there is a need for a contingency plan?

Johan Trocmé and Viktor Sonebäck from Nordea Thematics alongside Michael Novod from Nordea Equity Research discuss the outlook and the current status for COVID-19 vaccine development from our latest Nordea On Your Mind report ‘Coronavirus: Plan B’.

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