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Nordea’s Offline to Online – Transforming commercial business models

Nordea’s Offline to Online – Transforming commercial business models min

Nordea’s Offline to Online digital conference 11th November 2020 proved to be one of the events of the year with people dialling in from all over the Nordics to take part. As well as the launch of Nordea’s brand new research report ‘Treasury 2025’, a stellar list of guest speakers from Finnair, Kinnevik, Telia, Posten & Bring and Nordea shared their insights. For more information, see below and download the report insights.nordea.com/treasury2025

Speakers and Moderators

The events hosts, are cultural observer and trend analyst Anna Frankzen Starrin (also known as Robot Anna) and Furhat, the world’s most advanced social robort.

Offline to online – changing business models

Johan Trocmé, from Nordea Thematics, presents a first look at the results of Nordea’s annual survey of large Nordic companies, which this time assesses the extent to which they continue to adapt and change business models.

Keynote Speaker: COVID-19 and the digitalisation of the airline industry

Topi Manner, CEO of Finnair, provides an inside view of how COVID-19 and digitalisation have affected the airline industry and the ongoing efforts to improve the customer experience.

Organising to innovate

Alexander Haneng, SVP of Digital Innovation at Norway Post and Bring, discusses how large companies can embrace innovation initiatives right across the organisation, utilising new technologies such as AI, IoT and 3D-printing to discover new revenue streams and deliver value adding offerings faster to their customers.

Improving customer experiences with Payment as a Service

Joakim Haak from the Group Treasury of Telia, shares reflections on the journey from idea to implementation of a new cross-functional Payment as a Service (PaaS) team – a unit fully committed to enhancing the customer payment experience. By managing end-to-end payment processes, the customer journey and shared services are optimised in order to achieve standardisation, automation and economies of scale.

Industry 4.0 and data driven solutions

Ville Sointu, Head of Emerging Technologies at Nordea, considers the potential impact of new commercial payment options and financial solutions in an era of Industry 4.0. As post-paid to pre-paid emerges as one of the key trends in the market, corporates are increasingly expanding their product portfolios and ecosystems of products and services to adapt traditional billing cycles.

Visionary Thinking: The digital shift, is it too late for incumbents?

Andreas Bernström, Investment Director at Kinnevik and Founder of Sinch, discusses the strong acceleration in digital adoption following the corona crisis and how this will affect incumbents. As business models and product offerings are becoming more digital, how should incumbents act in this new world?


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