A bright future for the corporate treasury

What is the future for the corporate treasury? Is it heading towards becoming “one terminal and a clerk” or can it look forward to taking on a more strategic role and a seat at the top table? To find out, we surveyed 82 large corporate treasuries and interviewed more than 60 CFOs and treasurers. Our Treasury 2017 report paints a clear picture of where the treasury stands today and where it expects to be in two to three years.

Finextra video interview

Watch Liz Lumley of Finextra interview Johan Trocmé, Head of Corporate Research Sweden, CIB, about Nordea’s Treasury 2017 report. 

Johan discusses the reasons why the treasury function is taking on a more strategic role, including macroeconomic trends, regulation and need to lower funding costs. The future relationship between banks and corporate treasurers is also explored, alongside the impact of financial technologies.

  • Q&A: Spotlight on Spotify

    We spoke to Johan Bergqvist, Group Treasurer at Spotify, to explore how the treasury’s role is growing in one of the most future-focused companies. We discuss how Spotify has built its treasury, and what requirements are imposed on the treasury in terms of innovation and organisation.

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  • Infographic: The treasury’s evolution

    Our infographic charts the path of the treasury from the 2008 crash to the present day — and predicts what it will look like in 2017. We highlight the key factors that are shaping the treasury, and we share some of the main findings from our research.

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  • Q&A: Treasury at BillerudKorsnäs

    Per Norman, Head of Treasury and Risk Management at renewable packaging company BillerudKorsnäs, explains how finding efficiencies has freed up time for his team to add strategic value.

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  • Executive summary: Strategic role by 2017

    Download our Treasury 2017 executive summary for a quick view of the key findings from the full report. Find out how the function is changing to meet a more diverse set of demands.

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